Subscription HR Services and Specialized Support For Charter Schools in the State of Minnesota


We Solve HR Problems for Charter Schools in Minnesota

Charter School HR can help solve your human resource issues, improve your risk management, and ensure that your school is following current HR laws and regulations.  We are able to provide direct services at lower costs with speed to meet your deadlines.  We like to keep it simple.

With Charter School HR you will receive immediate and direct access to human resource experts with our Charter School HR Hotline.  Our HR consulting experts provide experience and insight on a wide variety of topics such as employee relations and teacher contract issues, as well as creating up-to-date and legally compliant employee handbooks.  We work with many Charter schools in the area and are very familiar with the unique challenges that you face.

If you are interested in learning more about Charter School HR and how we can help take the challenge out of human resources, contact us today!

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Our Charter School Members Enjoy:


HR Document Library

Access downloadable template-based HR documents that our Charter School HR Solutions experts can customize for your school, including employee handbooks, contracts, teacher employment applications, offer letters, and job descriptions.

HR Solutions Hotline

Receive immediate and direct access to our Charter School HR Solutions experts.  We'll help decrease your chance of employment-related claims and lawsuits in handling of employee relations issues, including hiring, termination, harassment, and more.

Mediation Services

Mediation can serve as a strong substitute for litigation.  We create an environment for parties to resolve their differences and fashion their own settlement, creating a respectful basis for individuals to be understood while facilitating a “win-win” solution.